I’ve found more important ways to spend my time. This is the end. I’m leaving now. Goodbye 🙂


7 Responses to “GONE”

  1. Ysharros Says:

    Whoa, what?

    If you’re stopping the blog, good luck with whatever you’re moving on to! If you’re moving to another blog, you’d better give us a link!


  2. jedioftheshire Says:

    I’m just leaving the internet scene. I could get into the reasoning behind it, but I don’t want to alienate myself by rejecting “net culture.” (I may have just done it right there though… oops :P)

    I am simply wearied by the increasing integration of technology into my life, and so I’m cutting myself off. I can’t get rid of my computer of course, that would be foolish, but I’m done with the MMO scene for certain (or at least until comparing new MMOs to old ones is like comparing Turn-Based Strategy to Real-Time Strategy (that is, sure they’re strategy games but everything about them is so fundamentally different that it deserves its own genre) if that ever happens…)

    This isn’t a form of protest, although not playing the games is the only way to affect significant change for those interested, it’s just a reevaluation and reconsideration of what’s important in life, and video games don’t rank high on that list. I tend to be a “man of the moment” anyway and so looking back on the blog I’m surprised that I lasted as long as I did. Some may call me ‘fickle’ but I prefer to think of myself as ‘easily inspired’ and recently the inspiration is leading me off of the internet. 😉

    I probably wont come back here, seeing as I cannot see myself caring this much about video games into the future. I will still haunt the blogs fromt ime to time but I will not update mine, and probably wont post much. This is probably what I should have written up there, instead of a homage to my favorite hobbit (which I very possibly could have misquoted anyway). But so THIS is the end- g’bye 😉

    PS: No, I am not having a midlife crisis 😛

  3. Ysharros Says:

    Crisis schmisis — your life, your choice, and you’re not the first I know to make that decision. (I went through a version of it, I just did it a decade ago because I’m SUCH a trendsetter (ok, and old).)

    The main thing is, this should bring you what you’re looking for. Good luck with it. 🙂

  4. jedioftheshire Says:

    Thanks 🙂

  5. Wolfshead Says:

    Thanks for the great posts and articles! I hope you do come back at some point. We need good people like yourself.

    I often wonder why I too write about video games because in the grand scheme of things video games, MMOs and virtual worlds are fleeting compared to what’s really important. I also feel like I’ve been spinning my wheels lately and to be honest there’s not that much to discuss as video games have painted themselves in a corner due to a lack of originality. Perhaps I hoped for too much from this genre — especially MMOs and virtual worlds.

    There’s nothing wrong with taking a hiatus from blogging and even video games. Come back when you are ready.

    You will be missed Jedi! 🙂

  6. Tesh Says:

    Aye, good on ye, Jedi. Have fun out there!

  7. Longasc Says:

    He, whats wrong?

    You could still write an article now and then. This is not the end. Or just end up commenting every article out there, like I do! 🙂

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