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Unexpectedly Busy- Last Thought

October 13, 2009

The idea for this started with a comment I made at ixobelle’s (where I stated that: “In EQ the crowd control/puller/debuffer roles worked because each role would help a group, but none were necessary.”) and came to full fruition as I re-read my own most recent post that touched on combat pacing.

In the interest of everyones time I will simply give everyone a (long) statement, instead of the proverbial “wall of text.” This also may be the last post you see from me, as the title here implies- life being shaken up can be frustrating, but it can also lead to great things.

When you add things that are required to enjoy any of your content it’s a bad thing (see Tanks/Healers) because even if people can enjoy that kind of pigeonholing it’s still, at its root, pigeonholing and that leads to the super-static worlds that MMOs have become. Add things to your game that can help (crowd control in EQ is a great example of this) but are in no way required for success.

And for goodness sake, even the people that have read my article on MMORPGs vs Virtual Worlds and commented still seem to think that they’re the same thing. Maybe I’m wrong though, so who knows- anyone that reads this should take a look at it if they haven’t already.